The Spot

4437 N Broadway
Chicago, IL 60640

Maybe it was just my luck, but before we went to The Spot, I was told to expect an excellent filet mignon. This recommendation came from someone, who I would say knows what he is talking about when it comes to food. As I expected, I

Howl At The Moon

26 West Hubbard St.
Chicago, IL 60610
(312) 863-7427

I admit from the start, Howl At The Moon, is not a restaurant and it is a chain! So why is it listed on your website of restaurants, where you choose not to mention chains? Very simple, I had

The Wiener Circle

2622 N Clark St
Chicago, IL 60614

This has to be one of the most interesting late night spot. The hot dogs are ehh? but its all about the experience.

Klay Oven

414 N Orleans St
Chicago, IL 60610
(312) 527-3999

Well for once I took a break from work and went out for a nice sit down lunch, while in Chicago. This time I ended up at Klay Oven, in our hunt for Indian food. As most Indian restaurants Klay Oven has a

Heaven on Seven

600 N. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL 60601

First things first when you walk into Heaven on Seven you will notice a plethora of hot sauces along the walls, just a great setup for an exciting dinner. We started off with a couple of appetizer sampler plates. I am not really

Emilio’s Tapas Sol Y Nieve

215 E. Ohio St.
Chicago, IL 60611

If you trace back to my review of the horrible Dao Thai I mentioned that its a better idea to walk across the street to Emilio’s Tapas. Well it took a while, but I was finally able to make it

Monk’s Pub

205 W Lake St
Chicago, IL 60606-1803

Monk’s was selected by a co-worker to visit for a lunch. The menu is basically burgers, with a couple of salads and other random extras. This place is definitely a lunch hot spot, but we were seated immediately, which surprised me since we showed up in

Duffy’s Tavern

420½ W. Diversey
Chicago, IL 60614
Phone: 773.549.9090

Looking for a weeknight bar?
Want to watch some sports?
Listen to the latest music?
Listen to a live band?
Grab some food?
Get affordable drinks?
Don’t want to be the only person sitting at

Chicago Chop House

60 West Ontario
Chicago, Illinois 60610
Phone: (312) 787-7100

Chicago is known for its steak houses, and after reading many reviews I felt it was time to check out the steak house which has some of the best reviews. Chicago Chop House is an upscale establishment, so if you

Dao Thai

230 E Ohio
Chicago, IL, 60611

Tonight I decided venture out to a Thai place I found on the IDine (RewardsNetwork) Website. As I entered I appreciated the appearance as it was something different. They have an interesting setup for seating which I wish I could describe it in writing but ehh,