My name is Tesh.. In January 2006, I started a blog to keep track of the many restaurants I visited through my travels both business and personal. At the time I worked for a firm that allowed me to travel a great deal for business so I had an expansive list of restaurants around the country. In Feburary 2009, like many I got laid off and and saw my eating habits changed. I went from Strip House to Tad’s Steaks.

During my layoff period, I stopped writing up restaurants and instead focused my efforts on deals in NYC and started the site NYC Recession. Unfortunately the recession hit me harder then expected and I had to move out of NYC until I could find another source of income to sustain my food addiction.

Lucky for me September 2009, I landed a new gig in NYC I was back to the old ways, except this time I wanted to redo Reality Impaired combining it with what I started at NYC Recession. And here we are EAT+TRAVEL+SAVE. I took a break in postingĀ  but now I am back and this time I will be writing up the various places I eat as well continue my search for cheap eats. As time progresses you will find a section on Deals and Reviews and possibly anything else about NYC, Food and Travels I feel like adding to the site!

I hope you enjoy and if you have anything to say feel free to contact me.