Guest Post Terroir – East Village

When I walked in to Terroir (which is a sister bar of Hearth and Insieme), I felt like I was walking in to a cozy dinner party at someone’s apartment.  It seats about 9 at the bar and 12-14 at one communal table.  The lighting was dim and they played some music from the 50s.  The place was bustling with a people from all walks of life. 

My friend and I parked our rear ends at the bar.  Ordered a glass of Montefalco Rosso.  Med bodied, acidic finish.  Wasn’t too crazy about it.  Second glass – Montepulciano.  Med bodied, smoother finish.  Third glass – Chianti Classico.  THE WINNER!  We had those flowing all night.  (Paying for it this morning… UGH).

Oh, I almost forgot about the food.  Being that this isn’t DrinkTravelSave.  The food was delish! We started off with the Proscuitto Panini with fontina cheese and caramelized onions and the Red wine risotto balls with Oxtail.  Both really great.  Then we ordered the Calamari Salad with smoked chickpeas, garlic and lemon (refreshing blend of flavors) along with the Veal & Ricotta Meatball Sub (mmm… comfort food).  All very sharable and tapas-esque. 

Overall, cute scene with not your run of the mill bar food.  Definitely worth checking out.

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