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Well folks, I decided that was a great idea. As was even though the domain name made NO SENSE! For those who really care, this is a name I came up with senior year of college. I kept it and eventually turned it into a blog, which I built the code from the ground up. Eventually I learned of how amazing WordPress is, and wanted to focus on the blog content rather then the coding of it.

Recently, I decided Eat Travel Save, makes more sense of what I like to write about! So Enjoy! You can follow us on twitter @eattravelsave. Also become join our Facebook page by clicking the Facbook Link on the right.

If you see any errors please let me know, I will try my best to fix them asap!

With that said.. I would like to pour a little out Reality Impaired and NYC Recession as they are no more. If you are interested in purchasing either domain let me know.

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