Mark Burger

33 St. Marks Place
B/W 2nd and 3rd Ave
New York, NY 10003

It seems like recently I have been on a burger frenzy. And yes I have some catching up to do with the reviews, but keep an eye out for a few burger joints to be added to the site. On my weekly stroll to St. Marks Place to get Mamouns, I took a slight detour into Mark Burger as I saw a sign for sliders. Now get your minds of White Castle for a minute, because Mark Burger is the real deal!

For $2 you get a freshly cooked juicy greasy slider with cheese and onions, and in my case 2 sliders was all I needed to fill me up. This is not crappy dry meat burger! They also have 4 sauces sitting tablesideto choose from, traditional kethup, chipotle, jalapeno and the 4th I can not seem to remember at this moment. They also offer the option of back and a double patty slider.

After speaking with others, I have been told that I missed out and need to try their fries and milkshake. Perhaps on a future visit. Hey it is close to home and their slider was something I will want to go back for.

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