Genos vs Pats The Official Showdown

Two weeks ago I went to Zandy’s while fending a cheese steak in Pennsylvania. This past weekend as part of the crazy calorie bachelor party, we stopped in Philly for a few meals. After a night out at the bars in Old City, we decided it was time. It was time to chime in and and leave our opinion on the great debate! Geno’s or Pat’s?

We jumped in a cab and headed over to 9th street and Passyunk Avenue.¬† In order to leave space for both a decision was made to eat no more then half a cheese steak at each spot. At Pat’s we ordered a cheese steak with wiz of which I had half. At Geno’s we ordered two cheese steaks; one with wiz and another with provolone of which I had a quarter each. I also decided to add hot sauce on all cheese steaks.

Pat’s was the first spot. It was very simple, dim, a bit on the dirty to be honest. The condiments rack had things all over the place. Geno’s on the other hand is bright very clean with their condiments and just seemed organized. Let’s get back to the point thought, this is about cheese steaks not decor!

I have to say the winner was HANDS down Pat’s. It was really no competition for all of us. Pat’s had a better roll. Their steak was juicier and they had more cheese wiz. Geno’s meat tasted dry and there was not to much wiz. Also the Geno’s hot sauce was NO JOKE as it completely¬† burned my palate. Well there you have it folks.. in my opinion Pat’s is the way to go. I look forward to my next trip to Philly so I can enjoy a full Pat’s cheese steak.

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1 comment to Genos vs Pats The Official Showdown

  • Rich

    Hands Down I agree!! Pats is the way to go…just to add some commentary, the guys who ran Pats seemed friendlier too!

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