Jackson Hole

521 3rd Ave
New York, NY 10016
(212) 679-3264

With locations all over Manhattan and few locations in Queens, Jackson Hole is a spot that many have come to known and love. I originally ate there when I initially moved to Astoria. The draw is their 7 oz burgers, which are made fresh to order! They have many variations to the classic burger to fit all taste buds.
Currently living in Manhattan and around the corner from the Murray Hill location, I decided to order in since it has been few years since I have had a Jackson Hole burger. After looking through their options I settled on the Mexican burger .. made medium of course. I am not sure what to say, that their burgers are a perfect fix for the meaty burger craving. The Mexican burger came with chedder and jalapenos.. and be warned the jalapenos do pack a punch.
This is a great spot and if you are around one craving a burger; you need to stop in!

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