98 Pounds

824 W 98th St
Bloomington, MN

Having been to many Chinese buffets, it is hard for a new one to stand out. Normally they all have the same dishes, and are an open invitation to just pig out! 98 Pounds is similar to most buffets. Some nice touches include a large sushi buffet and the abundance of sea food.
Since I went for dinner most of the meals were actually seafood, with very little vegetarian options and a single chicken and few beef dishes. My favorite had to be the crab legs and baby crabs! I basically just went crazy with these two.
This was an affordable and very filling meal. I find it hard to give it two thumbs up since there was nothing that stood out and made me say “OH MY I HAVE TO COME BACK HERE!” Good meal, good food worth a trip if you are in the area.

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