Waterfront Crabhouse

2-03 Borden Ave
Long Island City, NY 11101
(718) 729-4862

I have been a few times, especially since it is walking distance from home. For tonight a buddy and I decided to check out the crabhouse, mainly because we were in the mood for their surf and turf special. We actually did not even look at the menu this meal. We know we wanted the surf and turf and just needed to figure out what to get as an appetizer. The waiter suggested a softshell crab, that was fried with spices. It sounded good enough and we went for it. It was a great way to start our meal. As mentioned our main meal was the surf and turf. It consists of 3 lobster tails and a filet. The one issue I have with this dish is that it is served on a sizzling platter so your steak will come a slightly over cooked. I wanted a medium steak so I ordered a medium rare. The steak itself was slightly bland but then again I am spoilt after Prime One Twelve. The lobster tails came stuffed with crab as well. For a total of $31 you can not complain about the meal. This may not be a high end meal but for the price and value I thought it was great! Its close to home so I will be back!

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