Tiger Sushi

224 West Market
Bloomington, MN 55425
Inside Mall of America

Staying out in the suburbs of Minneapolis, there are not many sushi options. Being that I am across the street of Mall of America, I went over to Tiger Sushi to give them a shot at Sushi.
What initially stood out is the place itself. Located inside Mall of America, Tiger Sushi seems like a stand in the middle of the mall. It has limited seating, aprox. 25 people, and there seems to always be a wait, even on this Tuesday night.
I was in the mood for Sashmi, so I went with their Sashimi platter, which had 17 pieces of sashimi between 5 different types of sashimi. My platter consisted of Yellow Tail, Octopus, Salmon, Tuna and baby yellow tail.
So what about the food? I can’t say I was really impressed but I was not upset w/ the meal. At the price tag of $26 I can not really complain. I will try to find other options for sushi in the area, but until then Tiger Sushi will do.

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