Thunder Jackson

169 Bleecker St
New York, NY 10012

I have to start this post by saying WOW!!! BEST BURGER IN NYC! That’s right, forget all the other places I have been to and written up. None compare or even come close the Dirty Burger at Thunder Jackson’s.
A buddy suggested we go there for a burger and a drink. As we walked in and sat at the bar, he quickly ordered a burger and a 40! You read that right a 40! Miller High Life, served in a brown paper bag (apparently to keep it cool according to our bartender Michelle).
The burger took a bit to come, but it was worth every second of waiting. As soon as the burger came out Michelle was quick to tell us not to put the accompanying truffle mayo and homemade ketchup on the burger. We were to simply try the burger by itself first. And as told I did and was completely taken away. The burger was juicy, and extremely flavorful. This is how food is meant to be cooked. I never added any condiments to the burger, instead had the truffle mayo and ketchup with the fries. I must have really enjoyed the mayo as well as I licked the container clean!
Who would have thought, a 40 and gourmet burger would make the perfect paring? I could go on for days complimenting this place, instead I think I will just go back and frequent Thunder Jackson’s!

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