The Lindenhof

365 Forest St,
Ottawa, ON K2B 727

Let me get it out of my system now… the following post will use the term WIENER! Since that is out of the way, time for something new. I have consumed many German beers, but I have never had the opportunity to actually give German fare a try. If you are as immature as I am, you have probably laughed at the idea of eating wiener schnitzel, but hey finally came the moment to give it a try!
Walking into The Lindenhof, there was a feeling of a mom and pop restaurant. You know the type when you go on a one of those 10 hour road trips with your parents and you stop at some random place because you REALLY need to use the bathroom! Is it a mom and pop place? I really do not know.
In any case the staff was extremely friendly as we were instantly asked for our drink order as we sat down. After looking over the menu couple times and not being able to decide what I really wanted, I settled on the Lindenhof Platter. The reasoning simple, it consisted of pork loin, bratwurst, and schnitzel, and was accompanied by potatoes sauerkraut and red cabbage.
When this platter actually arrived, I actually was in shock looking at the amount of food I had ordered. Who cares, its off to the races for me! The bratwurst slightly too salty for my taste but yet was tasty. The ribs (pork loin) were excellent. The schnitzel, WOW, who thought that fried veal, would taste so good? This was the highlight of the platter for me, in addition to the red cabbage!
If you know of a German restaurant in NYC please email me and let me know as I want more wiener schnitzel!

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