Prime One Twelve

112 Ocean Drive
Miami Beach, FL 33139

In Miami for a friend’s bachelor party, the first night the plan was to have a meal at Prime One Twelve. Before going, I read a lot of reviews and they all seemed to give the same impression, slow service, really pack place; so with all that the decision was to have an earlier meal on a Thursday night. I would say this was a great decision as we a phenomenal dining experience.
We arrived and were promptly seated, sure the seating was a little tight, but hey I am from New York, so this is more of a norm for me. After taking some time to look over their menu we elected for a half dozen oysters, foie gras and jumbo crap cake to start with. All three dishes were amazing, but if I had to pick a favorite of the three I would go with the oysters. This was also the first time I ever had foie gras. I actually did not even know what it was before this experience and even though I liked it, after learning how foie gras is made I don’t think I would order it again anywhere.
Now for the important part of the meal; the steak. I ordered a 14 oz. New York Strip medium rare, and added a side chimichurri sauce. To accompany our steaks we also got the roasted garlic mash, five cheese truffle MAC and grilled asparagus. The MAC was out of this world, it is something I could come back for as a meal itself! Back to the steak it was made really well. The steak was nicely flavored, leaving the chimichurri sauce unnecessary.
This was an exceptional meal. The service was really good and our waitress was extremely friendly. It does not matter what all the reviews say, this is a must try if you are ever in Miami.

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