4820 Chicago Ave S
Minneapolis, MN

Enchilada time!!! After a little googling a coworker wanted to go to Pepito’s for dinner and I had to tag along. We pulled up to the restaurant and saw a huge FREE VALET parking sign. Being from NY this is a site to see! This place was already looking good and I had not even gotten inside.
We sat down in and as with all good Mexican restaurants we were presented with nachos and salsa. Warning: The salsa has a kick! It was totally unexpected but you know I enjoyed it. After looking through the menu, I decided on enchiladas. What a surprise I know? I got the Enchiladas Mexicana with chicken.
The sauce they topped of the enchiladas with was amazing. I could just drink a cup of it. Ok that is a little overboard but you get the idea. The meal itself was not huge, but filling and of course tasty. I am not really sure what else to say but I enjoyed my meal and will probably make another visit in the coming year.

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