184 Spring St
New York, NY 10012-3605
Phone: (212) 343-1445

This place really deserves, two thumbs up! The food was excellent, the service great, the wine amazing, so what went wrong is your question?
I will take the blame on this one, L’ulivo does not accept credit cards! Seems like a minor issue, but when I start ordering wine I just expect to swipe it! Hey I like my points.
Ok well let us put that behind us and get to what is really important. After taking a Saturday stroll through SoHo, I stopped in L’ulivo for a mid day bite. The real reason we ended up here was due to the fact that two other restaurants in the area were not serving food. I was with a friend and we decided to split few items on the menu and call it a meal.
We ordered a Caesar salad, tomato and basil brushetta and the Galletto pizza, which had chicken, pesto and goat cheese. As I mentioned earlier the food was simply amazing. Haven grown up in NYC, I have had a lot of pizza, but my jaw actually dropped upon my first bite.
Truly this place is a charm, but remember to bring cash!

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