Grill 23

161 Berkeley Street
Boston, MA 02116

One of the greatest aspects of my job is that I often have the opportunity to dine at places, which I might not normally on my own for various reasons. Grill 23 requests that men wear jackets when dining; something I am not really a fan off. Lucky for me, working in Boston I found myself in suits daily so dining at Grill 23 after a hard days work was no big deal.
I have to say, having been to many upscale fine dining restaurants Grill 23 will always stand out in my mind, most probably due to the people I dined with and the exceptional selection of wine and food!
Being that Boston is known for its seafood my starter was a pretty simple decision. I had to give the Island Creek Oysters a try. The oysters were great as they had flavor but did not have the sandy taste, which will quickly turn me off from oysters.
Looking for a main meal was difficult since there are few cuts and sizes of steaks to choose from. After much deliberation I settled with the New York Strip. On a side note, I always find it so weird when I order a New York strip outside of NY! Do not ask me why, as I will never be able to give you a reason. Getting back on topic, I can’t praise the steak enough! Great taste, perfectly cooked as I like it, a great cut, what more can you want? How about a side of asparagus as the perfect compliment to the meal? In addition to the asparagus we had the broccoli gratin and mashed potatoes, all three of these sides were excellent.
I wish I could speak a little more on the various wines that we had with dinner, but unfortunately I am not even sure what we had except for the ice wine which we ordered along side dessert. If you have never tried ice wine, I strongly suggest you do, it makes a great after meal drink.
Well, with all that said, looks like next time I am in Boston, I am going to have to suit up to have another meal at Grill 23.

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