Da Afghan

929 West 80th Street
Bloomington, MN 55420

When I found out there was a kebab place only blocks away from my hotel in Bloomington, I had to go and pay them a visit. Da Afghan is located on a side street off the main road, where you would never spot it while driving by. Fortunately for them, they have good reviews online, which is how I actually heard of them.
It is actually a pretty big place, which was empty when I walked in. Maybe it was the location, but normally when I walk into an empty restaurant I get worried. Naturally we were quickly seated; as we looked over the menu my coworker suggested we should try the sambosa, a pastry shell filled with beef and onions. My coworker was on point with this selection! For our entrée we decided to share a kebab combination plate. The waiter suggested we have the Lamb, and then we added the beef and chicken. First thing that stood out to me when they brought the platter out as compared to other kebab restaurants I have been to is that the kebabs were not dry. They were served with their natural juices, a very nice touch, which made for super soft kebabs. The waiter mentioned their lamb is their specialty and he was so true. These were the juiciest lamb kebabs I have had!
As I mentioned when I walked in, it was empty, by the time we were done with our meal the place started to fill up with people of all backgrounds. Clearly Da Afghan is a hidden treasure in the Twin Cities.

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