9th Door

1808 Blake Street
Denver, Colorado 80202

One my first night in Denver a friend took me a few others to 9th Door for tapas after a few drinks at Rio Grande. I wont review Rio Grande, since I just ate there, but I will say be careful of the Margaritas! There is a reason they cut you off at three.
Anyway back to 9th Door; normally I would go over the items that we ordered but as is expected with tapas, we had had a lot to order. With that said I prob would just go over the whole menu by doing this, instead I will say that there were some dishes that stood out after the three margaritas (mentioned above) and the pitcher of sangria we ordered.
If you are a cheese fan then you want to give the cheese plate a shot, they have one of the most intense blue cheese I have ever tasted. In addition as a last minute order we had the ribs, which as far as I was concerned was the best item of them all. Everything we had was excellent, but those 2 items were my favorite dishes.

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