Zen Bistro Grill + Sushi Bar

9620 Linebaugh Ave
Tampa, FL 33626

Compared to all the other places I have visited in the Tampa area, Zen Bistro seemed out of place. It really seems like a place you would find in New York City or Chicago. It was slightly too trendy for what I was use to in Tampa, but yet the ambiance when well done. The plexi glass floors were an excellent touch; this might be a reason just to go check out the place. Even though Zen Bistro had a great sushi list which included my favorites, I decided to go with their regular menu and try the Zen Lettuce Wraps. Looking back, I am glad I did not go with the sushi. I really hope it was simply an off night, as my coworker decided to get the sushi and was not thoroughly impressed. The exact description was “there is too much vinegar in the rice”, and when I tried it I could back up that comment. Good thing it was not my meal, because my lettuce wraps were a lot better, hey I actually enjoyed them. It was minced chicken, lightly spiced with great flavor served with the lettuce (of course) and a spicy sauce and peanut sauce. The spicy sauce was excellent, I was not able to figure out what exactly it was but, boy was it good. I would have given this place 2 thumbs up if the sushi was good, hey if you put sushi bar in your title you better deliver!

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