Waterfront Ale House

540 Second St.
New York, NY 10016

July for some reason has been a slow month. I have actually ended up at a few chains, which I am not sure if I want to add to the website or not. Who knows, but that is not really important at this moment. You really want to hear about the Waterfront Ale House don’t you! I would suppose if you are going here, you are going for the beers, if not and you are truly going for the food, you may not be impressed, yet you will not be upset either. I wish there was a more descriptive way to put it but their food for ehh, okay. We started with a plate of waffle fries with cheese and jalapeƱos. Good way to start the meal; of course I had a beer on the side a Stone IPA. For my meal I tried the pulled pig (pork for those who might be confused) sandwich. Maybe… just maybe it was my mistake ordering BBQ at a random NYC Ale house, but this dish was just there to fill me up. I can not say I hated it, but I have definitely had better pulled pork. The sandwich came with a side of cole slaw which I did enjoy, so it was not a bad meal at all. I did wash down the meal with a Heffiwiessen (someone needs to help me with the spelling of this one!). If you live in the area and are looking for a bite after work, this is not a bad choice.. but not a place I would go when I am in a mood for a nice meal, I would prob walk over to Choice instead.

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