Victor’s Cafe

236 W 52nd St
New York, NY 10019
B/W Broadway and 8th.
Phone: 212.586.7714

For a good time call..212-586-7714… whoops sorry! For Restaurant week I wanted to pick a place I have never been to. I decided not to read any reviews and just pick a random place and that random pick was Victor’s Cafe. What a great pick it was! We originally had reservations for 7:15, but arrived a little early around 6:00. In order to kill some time, we hit the bar for a drink and by around 6:30 they were ready to seat us.
Once seated, I am completely impressed with the quality of service. The staff was friendly and extremely attentive. We actually decided to stick with the prix-fixe, which is great being that it is served for dinner on all days, and not only for restaurant week. I started with the Chorizo Salteado Servido con Mariquitas, sausage for those who prefer English. This appetizer was extremely tasty and was not salty at all, which seems to be a norm for sausage. The person I went with for dinner, choose the Empanada instead, I had to grab a piece of it and both items were an excellent way to start the meal.
For the entree both of us went for the Ropa Vieja, which was also the waiter’s recommendation. The dish is a shredded skirt steak served in a plantain bowl with rice. This Ropa Vieja was out of this world! The initial look was not so great, the portion seemed small and did not look as good as it tasted. Finally to end of the prix-fixe dinner, I selected the Flan over the sorbet. As for the flan all I am going to say is my eyes rolled and toes curled!

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