Tiki Beach Bar and Grill

1369 Highway 87
Port Bolivar , TX

Well there is a story to this one. Most would probably ask how does one really stumble across this restaurant in such a random location? It went a little something like this. I was actually in Houston for a friend’s event, and one of this friend decided we should all go and visit Galveston. In description it sounded great, and I could not wait in reality…ehh just not the place for me. In any case the best part of the trip was driving your car onto the boat that takes you over to the island. Since the trip to get the island took us so long from hotel to island, we were famished by the time we arrived on the island and the only thought was FOOD! We saw Tiki Beach Bar and Grill and decided it would work for us.
Boy did it work out. The waitress mentioned that they are famous for their burgers, and what stood out on the menu was the crimp burger. It was a combination of crab and shrimp burger! Once we found out what it was, it was what everyone went for, and it was an excellent pick. Additionally we had other items such as wings, fries which were all great as well, and this not just the hunger speaking. For me Tiki Beach bar and Grill was the saving grace of the trip to Galveston, at least I have another 2 Thumbs restaurant to add to the site.

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