64-13 39th Ave.
Woodside, NY 11377
Phone: 718-899-9599
It is not often I find a Thai place that excites me. Especially in New York City, it seems most of the Thai places are very generic with the same food over and over. Sripraphai on the other hand definitely stands out! The overall experience with Sripraphai was great with one minor detail. They close at 10pm and do not take any diners after it seems 9pm. Additionally they are closed on Wednesday. Now that that’s out of the way, time for the food. We got there late, did not get a seat but decided that taking it home would work. We ordered the Ground Chicken with mint appetizer, Tom Yum shrimp Soup, A Shrimp dish, whose name I can not remember and a Green Curry with chicken! WARNING: THE FOOD HERE IS SPICY! I started off with the soup, and as much as I loved it, it was painful. We ordered the food medium, so perhaps mild might be the way to go. Having the soup on a hot summer night was like self torture, but I just enjoyed it so much I could not stop. The Ground chicken appetizer was very tasteful, I was surprised that I have never ordered this before at a Thai restaurant, this is a must have as they also make it with beef or pork. The Shrimps and Green curry was great as well albeit not as spicy as the soup, or maybe at this point I have burned off my taste buds, who knows? Mental note, order mild so I do not kill myself next time, and make sure to go at a time when are open so I can enjoy the food fresh as it comes out.

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