Spice Market Buffet

3667 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV

With a weekend in Vegas you can bet I enjoyed the buffet heaven that Las Vegas is. Located in the Aladdin Casino, now known as Planet Hollywood, I made my first buffet stop at the Spice Market Buffet. Spice Market is an international buffet featuring Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Mexican, Seafood and the genre that makes Spice Market stand out is MiddleEastern. Spice Market is the only place directly on the strip where you can find Tandoori Chicken! I know there is an Indian restaurant in the Rio Hotel, but Rio is not on the strip; I will get to their buffet a little later. Getting back to Spice Market, there was so much to choose from that I barely touched the buffet, but I can say I really enjoyed their selection of Seafood and their MiddleEastern options. I went for lunch on a Saturday and it cost about $23 with tax. The person I was eating it also mentioned her enjoyed the chocolate milk, I don’t even know what to say about that, I guess you just have to try it.

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