Scruffy Duffys (CLOSED)

743 Eighth Avenue
New York, NY 10036
(Between 46th and 47th)

Be it after work or late night, Scruffy Duffys is always a great bar to visit and especially to eat. I am not sure what time their kitchen closes, but I always make sure to get there a little early to grab a table, so I can sit down order some of their great wings and enjoy. For years I have said Scruffy Duffys is the home of the best wings in NYC, and I stick by it! Every time I go the wings are just as great as the last time. They have the perfect recipe for their wings; meaty wings, nice spicy sauce, and a healthy portion. Between 2 people an order of 12 wings was more then enough. I have never had anything else on the menu, but I have been with others who have ordered other items and they have enjoyed it. Besides the food, there is many other reasons to visit Scruffy Duffys. First off is their selection of beers. It not a super large selection like Hop Devil Grill, but it is a great selection to please every beer drinker. Finally, if you are a Pittsburg Steelers fan, feeling lost in NYC then you have found your home. Go here during a Steelers game and you might be blinded by the Gold and Black.

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