Ruby Foo’s

1626 Broadway,
New York, NY 10019

Part of the great BR Guest group of restaurants Ruby Foo’s is quite a charm in Times Square. Be warned, Ruby Foo’s Time Square, is located in tourist center of NYC so when you make your reservations be ready to wait slightly longer once you arrive! Regardless the wait is well worth it. Ruby Foo’s has a great mix of Chinese and Japanese dishes, with an interesting selection of sushi. Like most Asian Fusion restaurants family style is your best way to go about dinner here. For a group of 5 we ordered 3 appetizers and 3 main plates and a side of fried rice. We started off with the chicken lettuce wraps, chicken pot stickers and the vegetarian dumplings. I enjoyed each appetizer, but I must say I asked for hot sauce to add on top of the lettuce wraps. Something interesting about the pot stickers which are basically dumplings is that they are served with out any sort of sauce, but are still excellent. On to the entrees, I guess I was not over my duck kick from Peking Duck House from the previous weeks, so I had to order the Peking duck, along with the chicken teriyaki and the vegetarian bento box. To be honest I would not have ordered the veg. bento box, but we had a veggie joining us for dinner. The duck was great, not as good as Peking Duck House, but still enjoyable as was the chicken teriyaki. None of my fellow diners were fans of sushi, so I did not get to try any, perhaps on my next visit. I would also like to make a special mention of their fried rice. It was vegetarian fried rice, but had a large array of fresh veggies on top, making it one of the most unique and tasteful fried rice dishes I have ever had. Like I mentioned earlier if you plan on going, be ready to wait, perhaps relax by the bar and start of with a drink, or a glass of wine as I did but be prepared for a great meal.

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