Nami Sushi

251 1st Avenue North,
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Nami Sushi was a recommendation of a coworker for a team dinner. And wow was my coworker on point with this one. Being an avid fan of Japanese food, not sushi alone, I normally find it difficult to make a decision at Japanese restaurants. To my delight Nami Sushi offered combination plates with entailed options such as Teriyaki, Sashimi, Tempura. I choose a Chicken Teriyaki with Sashimi combination plate. The plate came with a Salad with Ginger dressing of course, a favorite of mine when eating Japanese, a miso soup, chicken breast teriyaki and 7 pieces of Sashimi. Talk about a tasty filling dish. The sashimi was fresh, chicken soft, and overall made a great meal. This is a spot to check out for a nice (probably expensive) dinner out in Minneapolis.

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