DuMont Burger

314 Bedford Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Phone: 718-384-6127

Perhaps you have read about Anytime Cafe in Williamsburg tried their lamb burger and are now looking for a regular beef burger in area. Well tonight, I came across DuMont Burger, a relatively small burger joint / bar. From the initial looks of things, the expectation was high. The place was packed on a random weeknight, and in addition there were folks sitting outside eating burgers as well as some waiting around for their to-go orders. It did take about 10 minutes to get a spot to sit, but hey there is a bar in the place so you can commence your intake of alcohol in any case. I am not sure why I really even looked at the menu when I sat down. The place is called DuMont Burger, hmm..I will have the burger please! Well fine, there was a good reason to look at it. They have the regular DuMont burger and a DuMont mini. They are 8oz. and 6oz. respectively. Being, the man I am I went for the regular burger, medium (thanks) with a side of fries. It did take a while for the burger to come out, but in the meanwhile, I did take in A that’s correct singular, beer. As for the burger itself, it was cooked just the way I liked it, but wow was it filling. Sadly, I was unable to finish the whole thing. I was enjoying the burger, but I just could not take the whole thing down! Next time, I might have to go for the DuMont mini and I will have a second beer while waiting!

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