Docks Oyster Bar

NEW YORK, NY 10017
At 40th St.
(212) 986-8080

Oysters so good even a 2yr old will eat them. That should be the catch phrase for Docks. As we were promptly seated on a Friday night at Docks we immediately ordered a plate of the Oyster Sampler. Dining with us was a 2yr old, who we decided to try and feed an oyster to see her reaction. Her reaction was “I want more.” The oysters here are simply great there is no other way to put it. In addition to starting with the oysters we added a crab cake and an order of shrimp cocktail. The crab cake was filled with flavor and the shrimp cocktail be it only 4 pieces were large.
For an entree I was interested in the BBQ Seafood Grill. I was told that this platter is different day to day, but in my visit it came with 4 different skewers, Tuna, Shrimp, Salmon and a White Fish. I was also advised to have the BBQ Sauce on the side, which I will pass forward. The food was so flavorful; I did not see any use for the BBQ sauce. To be honest I found the BBQ to be very generic, without spice so I just stayed away from it and requested their cocktail sauce. Finally to end of with; we ordered a Crème Brule and a Cinnamon Ice Cream. There was nothing special to them, but hey I did not come here for dessert, I came for seafood and I loved it. I will have to go back to try their lobster and fish.

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