Curry Leaf

99 Lexington Ave
New York, NY 10016

DINER BEWARE! If you frequent my site (wait does anyone ACTUALLY frequent this site, if you do please shoot me an e-mail, I want to hear from my fans.)… as I was saying; if you do frequent my site you know that I hardly hand out two thumbs down to restaurants. Well boy are we in for a treat tonight folks! Curry Leaf located in Murray Hill is a recipient of the TWO THUMBS DOWN! Lets make this short and sweet.
Aloo Chole Chaat: ok
Tandoori Vegetable Appetizer: blah.. seriously you can not just throw EVERYTHING in tandoori spices and expect it to taste like chicken!
Paneer Makhni: BOO .. bad.
Aloo Dum: Ok.. the gravy was good but the aloo bad.
Mater Paneer: ok now how you mess this up is beyond me!
Gulab Jamun: HORRIBLE, I didn’t even try it, it just looked bad.
There are many other restaurants to choose from in the area, you will have better luck with any other.
To those, who had the misfortune for dining with me this night, I apologize! Hell I should close down this site for choosing a place like Curry Leaf.

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