Churrascaria Plataforma

316 West 49th Street
New York, NY

Churrascaria Plataform stands out as one of the most unique dining experiences. If you have never been to a Brazilian barbecue, you will be in a meal you will never forget. As we were seated we were pointed to the buffet. Since this is the point where most people start their meal the line can be quiet long, during our visit the line actually wrapped around the buffet once. The buffet consisted of various salads mostly veggie and seafood, sushi, shrimps, scallops, squid, various chicken dishes and more. I warn, as tempting as it is to fill up at this stage of your meal, DO NOT, there is a lot more to come. Once you are done with your plate and your appetite has been teased, you will notice a red coaster on your table, if you turn this over it is green and the fun begins. Waiters will come around to your table serving various meats (and couple other surprises) for you to indulge in. Some of the meats we had were, lamb chops, pork lion, flank steak, garlic steak, grilled chicken, bacon wrapped steak, prime rib, and even garlic bread, grilled cheese. Everything was excellent, but the garlic steak stood out to me. This continues until you decide to turn that coaster back to red. At this point you may feel stuffed, perhaps even thinking of the sin of gluttony you may have just committed, but the meal is not complete yet! The waiters will come around with a cart of desserts; they will describe about 10-15 different desserts from which you can choose your poison. There is a fixed price for this fiesta, but keep in mind the fixed price does not included drinks and dessert. This is one meal you must experience in NYC.

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