Catch Twenty Three

10103 Montague Street
Tampa, FL 33626

If you like seafood then there is nothing else to say then; you need to try to place if you are ever in the Tampa Bay area. The one thing to watch out for is that the food tends to be on the sweeter side. But you need to put that aside, because you will get some greatly flavored dishes. One of the best things about the restaurant is that you can actually pick a fish from a list which seems to vary and you may select a sauce Garlic and Cilantro Butter Sauce, Creamy Spinach Rockefeller, Roasted Creole Tomato, Spicy Mango Salsa, Pineapple Rum, Banana Daiquiri. On this night, I went for the tilapia with the Roasted Creole Tomato, and it came out excellent. For the seared tuna fan, they also had an excellent looking seared tuna a coworker of mine ordered. We also started off with an order of fried calamari, which we completely enjoyed. I can not wait to go back and to make things better they have a burger and fries deal for Mondays.

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