Carnival World Buffet

3700 W. Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, NV
Phone: 866-746-7671

I get to continue with my special Las Vegas Buffet special here at Reality Impaired. My second buffet in Vegas was the Rio Carnival World Buffet. As you can guess this is an international buffet as Spice Market Buffet is. Unfortunately for Carnival World, I had lunch at Spice Market and the bar was set pretty high. Too start off the dinner was around $28, not to bad for a dinner buffet in Las Vegas. The selection here is out of control. There is so many different options it might be over whelming for some. What stood out in this buffet is the Asian BBQ where you can select your meats and veggies and have them cooked fresh. Other then this, I found this place to be so-so, what I could not stand was the service or lack there off. When I got crab legs, I was unable to find the “cracker” in order to actually eat them. I had to do it manually and well it was not too much fun. Perhaps it was an off night or just a rather large crowd that we had, but I was not really impressed.

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