Cafe Lago

3570 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109

My final buffet during my excursion to Las Vegas was a lunch buffet at Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino. Now if a size matter, then this is not the buffet for you, perhaps you should check out my reviews for Spice Market Café or Carnival World, they will better fit your needs. Regardless I felt that this buffet fills the cliché quality over quantity. I could probably just name all the items at this buffet but instead, I will focus on the reason I enjoyed this buffet, that being the crab legs. At the previous two buffets I went to during this trip, I tried the crab legs, but none of them could match the quality of the crab legs at Caesar’s. They were easy to break into and were meaty once you got into them. Aside from the crab legs, I also enjoyed the variety of salads. Since it was during brunch, they also serve fresh made to order omelets, which I skipped on due to the line, which I am never a fan of waiting in line for food. There were also fresh waffles which you could with a variety of options including ice cream. I felt this buffet was worth it and is really meant for the person looking for an excellent meal without doing the ala carte thing.

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