Cafe Henri

1010 50th Ave
Long Island City, NY 11101

It is not really the first time I have visited Cafe Henri, I actually frequent the place. It is close to home for me, and has some great items on their menu. When I am sitting at home and really want a good meal there are two items on Cafe Henri’s menu I can always go for and they are the Muscles or the Hanger Steak. Both are excellent selections and as long as you are a fan of muscles or steaks you will not be let down. The place itself is kind of tight, and in the summer it can get really hot inside even with their portable AC. Regardless, I order and will take the food home. Their crepes are amazing as well. I normally go for one of the breakfast crepes on a Sunday morning (read as it is really 2pm, but I just got up and have a hang over!). Finally when you do go MAKE SURE you get the pineapple juice, its the one thing I make sure I always get there!

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