Brothers-In-Law’s Bar-B-Que

503 Freeport St
Houston, TX 77015
(714) 453-2676

Being in Houston, and in Texas for the first time, I had to get my hands on some real southern BBQ! Based on a recommendations we decided to give Brothers-In-Law’s Bar-B-Que a shot. Brothers had a really great combo meal which come with a number of meats depends on the combos. The options of meat were Ribs, Beef Brisket and Sausage. Additional the combo came with sides of your choice. Since it was lunch time, I felt that a combo of 2 meats with the ribs and brisket was all that I really needed.
It did take a while for the food to come but that can only make me hope that it was fresh. When the food came out, the ribs were simply amazing. The meat was melting off the bones, hey I was even able to eat ribs (prob bbq foul) with a knife and fork. Just call me sophisticated. The brisket was different then I was use to. I am used to having brisket shredded style, but it was served as slices. I actually liked this version better and need to get places in NY to go to this style of brisket!
For my first real southern bbq meal I was impressed, I can’t wait to see where my travels take me next for BBQ.

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