Big Bok Choy

3730 Tampa Road, #6
Oldsmar, FL 34677

This is a place my coworkers seem to go quiet often, so on this night I decided to join in. The menu was quiet appealing, mixing, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Thai food. Since I have not had it in a while, I was happy to see Pho soup on the menu. For those who may not know what it is, basically it is a noodle soup with beef. Normally it is served with hot sauce on the side. We got our orders in, but for some reason it took them an extremely long time to bring the food. It seemed like almost 30 minutes. Granted we did have a pretty large group of I would say about 10-12, but still it just took way to long. Finally the food did come, the Pho itself, I was not really impressed with. It was good, but nothing to rant and rave about, it might be that I am just a hard person to please! As for if I will be coming back, I definitely will, I think they deserve another shot, and hopefully next time will be a better experience.

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