624 Vanderbilt Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11238

I will warn in advance, this review is long overdue. I visited Amorina on a random night, when we were out looking for an Italian restaurant. The one we decided upon was closed and somehow being in the area we walked into Amorina. Since it has been a while since I visited the place, I am struggling to remember what exactly we had, even though there is a pretty small menu from which to choose from. What I can remember is that the meal was nothing exciting. We did get a tortellini with meat sauce, tasted like something I could have made it home with Barilla pasta and Raju meat sauce. Fine, that might be a little extreme Balduchis meat sauce; is that better? The pizza we wanted was not available and we got something, which I did not care much for. I will probably not end up back there… oh well. Really not much more to say here.

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