187 Columbia St.
Brooklyn, NY 11231
Phone: 718-643-5400

I had one of the most interesting experiences at Alma, one that I am not sure will ever be duplicated again, but was none the less, something I wish to talk about. Alma is a Mexican restaurant that has 1 floor as a bar, and 2 floors of dining. The top floor is a roof deck, which allows for some great views of Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge. The night I went to Alma, was a stormy night in NYC, and we felt it would be a great idea to go sit on the roof deck (which was covered, come on we are not that crazy). As we are sitting there, even though its covered with plastic drapes sprinkles of rain were getting in and some how this enhanced the overall experience. I do not understand the fascination I had with it, but I enjoyed it! Well of course there was food involved in the night, as an appetizer, I could not resist to order the seafood ceviche. It was Shrimps, scallops and snapper in a citrus sauce, which was to die for. I actually did mention during my meal “next time I will simply order 2 of these and call it a meal.” Since we are at a Mexican restaurant you can pretty much guess what I ordered as my entree.. ENCHILADAS! Woohoo, ehncys! Yeah I just made that word up! I had a choice of a chili sauce, mole sauce (ewww), and a pumpkin seed sauce for my echys. The mole and pumpkin see just sounded too sweet to try, so I stuck with the chili sauce, and was I glad. The sauce had a great kick to it. The enchys themselves were well made, cheesy and stuffed with chicken. Alma, is a great date spot and hey if you can catch it on a stormy like, you might get that little extra excitement I had.

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