1290 Avenue of the America,
New York, NY 10104

For you Midtown worker, Yips is a treat! Talking to my friends who work in corporate America, we all share to same one similar experience. During lunch we go out grab food (just so we can get out a little) only to return to our desk with our lunch. Well Yips is the perfect quick lunch spot. Yips is a small Chinese joint where you can be in and out in a New York minute. They have 3 areas to take your order each with their own register. They have pre-made dishes which are served with white or fried rice. I actually made 2 visits this week and had the Thai chicken and some other Saute chicken. The Thai chicken hit the spot, the 2nd one was OK, not to my taste but made well. The best part of it all it is affordable. A full meal will cost you less then $6! How can you go wrong here, good food, quick and affordable, this is the best lunch spot you can find in Midtown! One note, the entrance to Yips is actually on 52nd street between 5th and 6th Ave, do not let their address misguide you.

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