Uncle George’s Greek Tavern

33-19 Broadway
Astoria, NY 11106

Uncle George’s is not your normal gyro and souvlaki Greek restaurant, they serve what seems to be more traditional Greek dishes. I wish I could speak more about the background of the food, but our waiter was not the friendliest of individuals. I asked the waiter for a recommendation between the beef chunks in tomato sauce and the mackerel, to which he responded “they are different dishes one is fish and one is beef.” Thanks buddy for being useless. It really makes me think twice when a waiter can not give a recommendation, are they incompetent, does the food just really suck here, or do they hate their job and will probably spit in my food. I went for the Beef chunk with tomato sauce.. in hind site I should have tried the mackerel. There was really no flavor to the beef, I found myself eating mostly the rice with the tomato sauce and randomly picking at the beef. If there is a next time I really hope to get a waiter with some sort of personality. If I didn’t enjoy it why would there be a next time? Well Uncle George is a place that has been recommended to me by many, it normally has great reviews and for the value it is not too bad. I feel like I have to give it one more try.

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