50-12 Vernon Blvd
Long Island City, NY 11101-5734
(718) 472-4355

This is the first time I have ever eaten French food, unless you count the meals on Air France. Tournesal is a small place, and we just showed up with a group of 8 on a Saturday night, so naturally I expected to stand around for about one hour. Instead we only had a 20 minute wait before we were seated! For the appetizers I did not make any orders, others at the table did, so I am really unsure what we got. What I do remember is that the cheese platter was excellent. There was one item that stuck out on the menu, beef cheeks, not only did it stand out on the menu, but the guy on the table next to us got it and it just looked tempting. It was extremely tender and completely impressed me. Everyone else I dined with really enjoyed their meal, so for my first taste of French food, it was great! I definitely suggest this place to everyone.

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