Topaz Thai

127 W 56TH
New York, NY 10019
(212) 957-8020

Topaz Thai is located couple blocks from my office, which is how it was discovered as a lunch spot. Be warned Topaz is a small place, and get extremely crowded during lunch. Perhaps this is due to their excellent food at a very reasonable price. The service here can be a bit slow during lunch, but I felt it is worth the wait. When we went, we got really lucky we had a group of 5 and we were seated immediately. Their menu is like a typical Thai restaurant, except the difference, their food has a very authentic Thai taste. I felt this is the type of food you would get if you were to go eat at a Thai families house, it had a home cooked feel to it. It is a good thing it is around the corner, since I will be enjoying this place for lunch more often.

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