Tonic (East)

411 3rd Ave,
New York, NY 10016

Lets take a break, and not think about Tonic located in Time Square, yes there is a another Tonic in Manhattan now on the East Side at 3rd ave and 29th street. My friends and I actually wandered into Tonic looking for a quick bite and a place to catch the Miami – Dallas game. Guess we were not the only ones with this idea, as the first and second floor were packed (no tables available) forcing us to the roof on a humid, muggy 80 degree night! We did get a table on the roof and when I opened the menu I saw something that caught my eyes! They had tater tots, I have no had these since the good old days of elementary school. It was a definite to order as were the Sesame chili wings. It did take a little while for the food to come out, but when they did it was great! The tots came with ketchup, BBQ and Honey Mustard, and they really hit the spot. It was a huge dish and probably more then I really needed but I could not lay off them, and the wings wow. They had the perfect mix of sweet and spicy and were nice and meaty in addition. You do want to keep in mind that Tonic tends to have different menus during various times of the day, so we were limited to the late night menu. Perhaps I will head back one day at a different time, but I can really only see myself ending up there late night for some drinks and a quick bite.

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