Tangra Masala

39-23 Queens Boulevard
Sunnyside, NY 11104

It should be stated, that I have never been enthusiastic about Indian Chinese food. The location on Queens Blvd is relatively new; they actually do not accept anything but cash, so no points or miles either. My family seems to love Indian Chinese, which is how I ended up here. We started off with the spicy pepper chicken, which was just a friend chicken ball. It had some spice but nothing to run home about. For our meal we ordered the paneer mixed vegetables sizzler and the chicken with satay sauce. The paneer mixed vegetables sizzler was good, but the chicken with satay sauce was a disappointment. To me satay sauce should have a peanut taste and be sweet. This dish was neither sweet nor tasted like peanuts, there was nothing satay about it. The portions are fair, but the food is far from impressive.

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