Stanon Public

17 Stanton St
b/w Bowery & Chrystie
New York, NY 10002

December has been a pretty slow month, since I have not found many new places, but do not worry I keep on trucking and hunting for places to eat. Last weekend I went to Stanton Public for a night out at the bar, but I entered with an empty stomach, which is not a good idea especially at a place like Stanton Public which has an exceptional selection of beers. The real reason I am writing up this spot is because of their honey mustard! That is right, their honey mustard. We ordered chicken tenders and fries which were served with honey mustard and well we just could not get enough of the honey mustard, it was just excellent. The fries were OK and the chicken tenders were actually pretty good. As I mentioned earlier Stanton Public does have a large selection of beer, it does not rival Hop Devil Grill or Croxleys, but might be worth a trip especially for the honey mustard.

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