Serafina Broadway

210 West 55th Street
New York, NY 10019

The original plan for the night was to go to Divine Bar on 54th and Broadway, but once we arrived one of my fellow diners, felt there was not much he was interested in on the menu, so over to Serafina we went. My first impression of the place was the service is going to be up and down here. As we walked in they told us it would take about 10 minutes for a table, but did not take our name. As you can guess they almost forget we were waiting for a table. In the process of waiting for a table, I asked the lovely lady at the bar for a menu so I could decide what I wanted. Yes, I was insanely hungry that night! To start off we ordered the brushetta, such a simple but a great start to the meal! For my meal I ordered the Farfalle al Limoncello, Pasta in a lime cream sauce with baby shrimps with those who like lamens terms. At the price of $16 I expected to see two pieces of shrimp on my plate, but that was far from reality. The pasta was surrounded by the baby shrimp. It was a great dish and I am really glad I went with it! Finally we did have a dessert, but I was so full from the Pasta that I had one bite and watch my friends devour the chocolate souffle. The service overall was a bit on the slow side, we actually ended up asking different servers for things since our server did not come around that often, other then that the food was excellent.

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