Sabry’s Seafood

24-25 Steinway St
Astoria, NY 11103

There are not enough good things, I can even say about this place. I could say “this is the best meal I have ever had”, “I wish I had 3 thumbs for this place”, “I can die happy after this meal!” but the reality is that YOU NEED TO TRY IT FOR YOURSELF! I came across Sabry’s thanks to the New York Magazine, and wanting seafood I made the trip over to Sabry’s. Like many of the places you will find in Astoria, the doors swing open allowing for fresh air as you enjoy your meal. Now this is a true seafood restaurant, if you come looking for chicken, beef you will be disappointed, for the veggies there are options if you love carbs. The service here is a little slow, but the quality of the food more then makes up for it. We ordered grilled calamari and shrimp cocktail to start with, which did take about 15 mins to come to the table, but with it came additional items which accompany any entree – Tahini sauce, salad and fresh fluffy pita bread. So immediately we were over whelmed by the amount of food, but hey let the feast begin! In additional to what was already on the table we got 2 eggplant dips for the amazing pita bread, one was baba ganoush(sorry for the spelling) and the other was eggplant topped with a spicy tomato sauce. As if all this was not enough food, out came our whole fish. One person ordered (all grilled by the way) a whole red snapper, another a whole strip bass, another a tilapia fillet and me, well I walked up to their fish display and said let me have that guy! The fish takes about 20-25 minutes to cook, but with all the food that was around I barely even realized how long it took, plus WOW it was worth the wait. For the fact that I picked the exact fish I wanted it was marinated as if it had been sitting in marinate for days! The waiter mentioned that the oven fish comes out softer, but the grilled fish melted in your mouth so I cant even imagine how the oven baked is! I will definitely be going back and next time I want to try the shark which unfortunately was not available!

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