Roy’s New York

130 Washington St.
New York, NY 10006

Roy’s Restaurant might be a little difficult to find at first. The address is 130 Washington and there is a door on Washington St, but it is located inside the Marriott Financial Center. I found it easier just telling the cab to take me to the Marriott Financial Center and walking through the hotel to find Roy’s. Roy’s is an Hawaiian Fusion restaurant and has to be one of the best overall values in NYC. We had a pretty large group and were not sure of the exact size, regardless they were able to accommodate our reservations and have all seated. Now the stand out item of this place was their Prix Fixe Menu. In $30 you had a choice of 3 appetizers, 4 entrees and 3 desserts. A three course meal at this price is one the best deals I have ever seen. I can not remember the options for the appetizer, since everyone I went with, ordered the Dim Sum sampler without hesitation. The sampler had a tuna roll, ribs, crab cake and coconut crusted shrimp; after hearing this the other appetizer options just did not match up. For entree there was a Mahi Mahi, Grilled Chicken, Hibachi Salmon and Filet Mignon. Most of my friends choose the Mahi Mahi, meanwhile I went for the Filet Mignon, which was served over potatoes with a light blue cheese sauce. I did get to try a piece of the Mahi Mahi, and both meals the Mahi Mahi and Filet were simply amazing. The portions here are just the perfect size, nothing to large, but they fill the appetite, not leaving you hungry. With out meals we also decided to order a few bottles of wine, before you think I am some insane high roller, you must know that Roy’s has a $30 wine menu. That’s right a bottle of wine at a restaurant for $30. They were not high end wines, but were great wines to have with people who are not big wine drinkers. Finally dessert; I only remember 2 of the options for this, Chocolate Souffle and Creme Bule. As usual, I went for the creme bule, while most ordered the souffle. The creme bule was made to my liking, nice crust but not to hard. After doing some research it seems that the Prix Fixe menus changes, so now I have more reasons to visit Roy’s again. Finally a special two thumbs up to the staff, who were kinda, courteous and most importantly friendly.

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