Rickshaw Dumping Bar

61 West 23rd Street
New York, NY 10010

The name of this place is what drew me in, I thought to myself WHAT IS A DUMPLING BAR? As I walked in, Rickshaw seemed like a small place with 2 tables by the entrance, I continued to the register and realized there was a whole another area of seating in the back, so don’t be fooled by the first impression here. Ok so what about the dumpling bar you ask? Rickshaw is a very simple place they have 6 different types of dumplings 2 Chickens, 1 Pork, 1 Shrimp, 1 Duck and 1 Vegetarian. You pick which type you want in a 6 or 9 pack, either steamed or pan-friend and you can add a salad or noodle soup if you wish. It really doesn’t get easier then that. I went with the parents and ordered a 6 pack of chicken and shrimp, the order was up in 2 minutes! All the dumplings are kept there ready to go, but I can vouch they are fresh. Each order came with a individual sauce for dipping. Overall I preferred the chicken over the shrimp it had a lot more flavor. Since I did visit them about a week or 2 ago I can not remember which exact chicken we got, but I am willing to bet both are great!

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